About Us

The first choice solution for all business needs
GudangEPayment provides a globally connected, locally coordinated payment processing service for all sorts of businesses, big and small.
We help you to collect payments securely, swiftly and with total confidence.

Who are we
A global leader in Direct Debit payment processing
GudangEPayment is a leading provider of electronic Direct Debit payment processing solutions.

GudangEPayment provides over 10 countries of Direct Debit Solutions and is a major global leader in payment processing. We pioneered online payments for small and medium sized businesses and process millions of online payments every day.

Total Solutions Services
Over the years we have grown organically and through acquisition. Today we provide a broad range of payment services including online payment. We're active in the development and implementation of anti-fraud systems, which have helped protect businesses around the globe. Our clients encompass a broad spectrum of industries and companies from small family run firms to large multi-nationals.

Benefits of using GudangEPayment
Let our expertise help you in growing your business
Large companies and small businesses use our products and services every day - right across the world. Let our safe and secure payment solutions grow your business, together.

Why choose GudangEPayment?
Solutions for every business
GudangEPayment offers piece of mind for processing payments. We provide global reach and local knowledge - whatever size and type of business you run.
  • Size - we're one of Asia's Biggest Network Direct Debit Payment Provider
  • Market leaders - With more than 10 and counting banks and partners
  • High volume - every day we process an average of over 1 million transactions count
  • Robust - we can process up to 100 simultaneous online transactions a second for a single customer
  • Speed - we uses only the best infrastructure that provides you with the best online payment experience, fast

Our products and services provide clear financial benefits for our customers.
  • Cash flow - we help you improve your cash flow, as minimum/zero collateral is needed
  • Security - our system helps you minimise your risk of exposure to fraud
  • Flexibility - we offer continuity to your business and allow you to expand your payments solution as your business grows
When you choose GudangEPayment, you'll be joining many other successful businesses that have made the right decision.

Global support
Supporting your business - Globally
If you're looking to expand the global reach of your business, GudangEPayment can help. Our service means that your business isn't limited by your location. With over 10 years' experience in the payments market, we bring local expertise and international perspective to payment processing.
  • Multi-currency - sell to consumers in their own currencies and choose to receive the same or choose from our international currencies available
  • Proven expertise - we understand local market conditions around the world, which helps us tailor our service to your specific needs
  • Global experience - we're active in more than 10 countries giving us the ability to provide a local solution
Across the globe, GudangEPayment delivers the same reliable, round the clock service. No payments processor offers the high level of world connectivity like we do.

Secure and reliable
Peace of mind, built-in
The growth of online and offline card payment systems has been matched by developments in anti-fraud technologies and techniques. In today's market you need the confidence of a secure and reliable payment provider coupled with Direct Debit solutions, Fraud will stay far away from you.

Reliable and Secure
We process 100% Direct Debit solutions, which guaranteed you payment and no Fraud. You just need to provide your service or send the goods with total piece of mind. That’s Reliability and Secured!

We work hard to stay one step ahead of the high tech fraudsters. We developed a market leading fraud-screening tool, drawing on data from the millions of payments we process globally. This involves over 50 individual checks against each transaction, providing our customers with a decision in under a second.

Responsive and proactive
Service attitude - second-to-none
We're here to help your business grow by making it easier for your customers to do business with you.
We offer:
  • A full range of payment processing options - Specifically targeting of those countries audience which your business are major in
  • Global experience builds local expertise - with connections in over 10 countries, across 30 payment types
  • elp when you need it - online and technical support is always available and our telephone Helpdesk is at hand, 24/7

Breadth of business
From individual home business to MNC
Whether you're a family business or a large multi-national, we can help. Our experience of dealing with businesses of all shapes and sizes helps us to make sure you get the right payment solution for your business.
The breadth of our customer base brings us into regular contact with a wide range of industries, each facing a unique set of challenges. It's this diversity, which helps our people understand the issues you face.
Right across the world we're involved in the local business environment. So we're just as adaptable - and just as committed - as you are.